• Its a shame so much money was spent on so little. I'm not talking about the premise of the movie, a microscopic super hero. No I'm talking about the dismal film, Ant Man, represents.

    This film, in spite of its budget and reasonable cast, feels a hell of a lot like a badly made B-Grade flick. The kind that goes straight to television. The acting is hammy and melodramatic, the storyline tedious and formulaic and the action badly timed and somehow, rather awkward and clumsy.

    In fairness, this is not easy subject matter to migrate from comic book to big screen. The notion of a super hero who can shrink in size is a tough one requiring very careful handling and timing. The fact the subject matter is tossed around like a football is the reason its such a mess.

    My advice, give this one a miss. Two out of ten from me.