• I'm generally pretty patient. I've sat through some really awful movies (not a positive trait). I almost jettisoned this one because I could hardly stand to listen to the high pitched screech of those girls. They are about as obtuse and non-realistic as they can be. Their dialogue is strained and utterly vacuous. They have names that describe qualities (except for Kung Fu, who has her own talents). I began not caring what happened to them. If this film was not part of the Criterion Collection, I would have mowed the lawn. That said, I haven't had such a bizarre experience since seeing David Lynch's "Eraserhead." I swear that this is a transcripted nightmare. It isn't a new idea in horror films to have a house that breathes as a life form, but none of the others (as far as I know) used tongue in cheek encounters and sight gags like this one does. As each of the girls is disposed of in some unique way, the others seem to endure. It's my understanding that the director, Obayashi, did a number of commercials. This would have added to the use of short episodic bits, tied together by a non-existent plot. Watch at your own risk and keep an open mind.