• Warning: Spoilers
    "Nekojiru-so" or "Cat Soup" is an animated 32-minute short film from Japan. It was written and directed by Tatsuo Satô and takes us on a journey with an apparently cute little kitten. However, things are certainly not the way they seem in here and we see a lot disturbing and downright strange stuff as the film goes on. Puking is just the smallest of all evils in here. So do not be fooled by the animation, which looks like it's for really small children, this is a film only suitable for teenagers (if at all) and adults. Unfortunately, the movie is not as good as it's weird, so that occasionally I felt it did drag a little. I cannot say I am too surprised that this is still Satô's most known work to this day and he could not back it up with really good or famous feature films in the many years since this was made. Thumbs down for "Cat Soup". The best thing about it is probably that there is no dialog, so you also will not need subtitles if you cannot speak Japanese.