• Horrible movie! Why would anyone make a movie like that?!! why did they even bother wasting there money on its production?!! Why would this movie be in English? its all about Thai people they referred to them speaking only English to the fact that they were spy's in the US Army for 10 years?!!

    There was no connection between the scenes awful conversations and scenario. Really don't understand how it got 7.5 rating when I got the tickets.

    The camera angles were poor and the scenes chosen in the movie were also very poor,too many close shots on the face of the actors which had no expression on them, time wasting experience, the movie was pointless and they tried to fill the time line of the movie with any junk so they can have a full movie time. during the action and fight scenes you could not understand what exactly was going on. the sound effects were also poor, the gun shots sounded like something falling on a pillow not a gun shoot at all