• Warning: Spoilers
    Anti Social is a rather stupid, inconsequential British film which laughably tries to be 'cool' and 'hard', but just ends up being a bit sad. Despite being far too long at 110 minutes, when it ends there are still more questions than answers... A sure sign of a screenplay where scenes integral to the plot were omitted, and pointless filler which could have been excised to great loss were left in. A mildly diverting couple of shoot-outs and a decent central performance by Gregg Sulkin do not make this posturing ode to violence on the streets of London worth sitting through.

    Sulkin plays Dee, a stubbly graffiti artist who spends his nights daubing the streets illegally with his artwork. He has an annoying American model girlfriend, and has just been offered a scholarship in Berlin where he can practice his skills in a more productive environment. Alas, his older brother is in with a bad lot... A bunch of hardened criminals who hold up jewellers for a living... And they have a big score planned worth millions. But when Dee's brother gets injured due to a long standing feud between a rival group, the artist himself must take his sibling's place during the heist... And he has no criminal experience whatsoever...

    In all sounds so simple, doesn't it? But what the above description doesn't cover is the amount of minutes wasted by various unimportant characters meeting up, engaging in boring conversations that serve no purpose to the proceedings, using street lingo that feels as authentic as Pamela Anderson's breasts. I bet you my last Rolo that any half-decent writer could have condensed these events into one episode of the not-really-missed police serial The Bill. Minus the saucy language and buckets of blood, of course.

    I won't spoil anything by going into great detail with the conclusion, but sufficed to say I have a MAJOR problem with it. Not only is it stretched out beyond all belief, but ask yourself: Would he REALLY be able to leave? Wouldn't he be under major surveillance? What's gonna happen with the booty? And WHY OH WHY didn't we see the deaths of his 'friends'? The climax feels sloppy, slapdash, thoroughly unsatisfying... Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth, basically.

    *Swills mouth out with Cherry Cola* Ah, THAT'S better. 4/10