• Warning: Spoilers
    While another review on here claimed this to be a poor imitation of Snatch, they seem to have either never seen Snatch or never seen this movie. Snatch, a tongue in cheek look at a crazy unrealistic criminal underworld, was no doubt entertaining to the last drop. Anti-Social, on the other hand, carries a much darker undertone with it, including rape, tragic death of major characters, and the true, unrelenting realities faced by a modern armed robber. Anti-Social doesn't pull any punches and certainly does not glorify the lifestyle in any way whatsoever, instead contrasting it to the much safer (and, it could be argued, much more lucrative in the long- term) career of the street artist younger brother.

    While I have to profess I was a little mystified at the ending, I can't say this movie wasn't worth my time or money. It was generally well acted, the events in it, however far-fetched some reviewers on here may believe them to be, are all ACTUAL events that have occurred in London over the past few years and the movie does an excellent job of putting a human face to the smash and grab robbers of the older brother's gang.

    If you're looking for a laugh, keep looking, but if British crime films are your bag (as they certainly are mine) this movie will likely not disappoint.