• This series was based on Jean Kerr's 1957 New York Times best-selling novel of the same title which in turn was made into a theatrical feature that was released in 1960 starring Doris Day and David Niven. Fast forward five years later and we have the television version of the series "Please Don't Eat The Daisies" that premiered on NBC's Prime Time schedule on September 14,1965 starring Patricia Crowley and Mark Miller. It was presented as the Peacock network's "The Following Program Is Brought To You In Living Color only on NBC." Interesting note about this show: A total of 58 color episodes were produced with 30 episodes made in Season One and 28 episodes that were made in Second Two. During Season 1 of the series that program aired on its Tuesday night schedule in prime time opposite ABC's "Combat!",and the CBS Western "Rawhide". NBC however was planning to cancel the show after Season 1. However, Danny Thomas ended development of a sitcom for NBC when he learned that it was going into that time slot in its second season. Instead, the powers that be over at NBC decided to give "Daisies" another go when they put the series on it's Saturday night time slot in Season 2 for the 1966-1967 season where "I Dream of Jeannie" was(which NBC moved to Monday nights in its second season in color)alongside companions "Flipper",and "Get Smart"....and the odds of this show on that Saturday night time slot were against was running neck and neck with "The Jackie Gleason Show" and "The Lawrence Welk Show"....But it was Gleason's reviving of his classic "Honeymooners" that gave it a boost in the ratings that clobbered "Daisies" in the ratings. The ratings for its second season were so bad that NBC decided after 58 episodes to canceled the series on April 22, 1967. Also of interest as well: It was the only family sitcom that had the original cast remained throughout it's entire 2-year run.

    Being that it was just that a wholesome family sitcom "Daisies" brought along a wealth of great writers ranging from Austin and Irma Kalish to Ann and Bob Marcus, Lee Erwin, Jean Kerr, Sidney Morse and Jack Raymond not to mention Joesph and Carol Cavella. Several top name directors were on hand for several episodes ranging from veterans Hollingsworth Morse to Bruce Bilson, Jeffrey Hayden, Alvin Ganzer, Gary Nelson, Ezra Stone, Jerry Thorpe, Richard Whorf, Oscar Rudolph, Howard Morris, Stan Cherry, and David Alexander. And speaking of guest stars one of the memorable of the "Daisies" episodes came in Season 1 titled "Say UNCLE"(Season 1, Episode 18 that aired on January 11,1966)that featured Robert Vaughn and David McCallum in cameo appearances. Another episode also featured actress Stephanie Powers(as April Dancer)in "Remember Lake Serene". Not to mention cameo appearances from the stars of the NBC series "Flipper" which featured actors Brian Kelly, Luke Halpin and Tommy Norden as guest stars. Other guest stars that were featured on "Daisies" were Steve Franken, Dub Taylor, Burgess Meredith, Alice Ghostley, Howard McNear, to Dom DeLuise, Kathleen Freeman, Ed Asner, Audrey Meadows, Whit Bissell, to Jack Kelly, Ellen Corby and former "Donna Reed" alumnus Paul Petersen. Not to mention having Hanna-Barbera voice-over actresses Jean Vanderpyl and Janet Waldo in several episodes. After "Daisies" was canceled in the spring of 1967, the show that replaced it was the hour long action-adventure series "Maya" that starred Jay North(of "Dennis The Menace" fame)that premiered on NBC's Saturday night time slot for the 1967-1968 season.