• .."Ride The Thunder" = CLARITY. Losing One's FREEDOM = Hell on Earth ..as this Movie so clearly shows. For who knows best, then those who have had their's so violently taken from them ..then the Vietnamese People? And who also knows best that if FREEDOM were to fall here in a still Free America, they would have nowhere else to run to this time around. And NEITHER would the REST OF US..!!! That's why "Ride The Thunder" is a Must See for ..All the FREE..!!!

    ..This Movie's "NO MORE LIES" Message is focused and correct. The America I left behind in1965 for the first major battles of the Vietnam War, was no longer there upon my return home in 1966. This was caused by the flagrant Media misreporting of the Vietnam War to the American People. This is the same Media misreporting that now continues to this day, putting our very own FREEDOM at great risk. BRAVO, "Ride The Thunder"..!!!

    I Feel so REfreshed.