• I must admit I don't pray very often. In fact as an intelligent adult I put more faith in hope, chance and coincidence than in prayer.

    This film needs a spoiler alert. It didn't alert me and my evening's viewing was spoilt - which is surely the raison-d'etre of spoiler alerts.

    So I do pray ... that IMDb will add the category Religious Drama, rather than simply Drama for this type of movie. After all we already have a Fantasy section, and this needs a genre all of its own.

    It doesn't proselytise - meaning try to convert someone. It simply offers the premise that for all your household needs... whites whiter and coloureds brighter ... prayer is the one and only answer. So, in the end, it's not for anyone at all who doesn't already believe a whole, and I mean really whole, lot. An enormously whole lot. A lot.