• The Rock is a heroic Los Angeles Fire Department rescue helicopter pilot with a tragic backstory. He reunites with his super hot estranged wife Carla Gugino and they race to San Francisco to find their super hot daughter Alexandra Daddario as the largest earthquake ever hits California. Predictable to a (San Andreas) fault and rife with every cliché you can think of, this movie really shouldn't work. However, disaster movies have a long tradition of being entertaining as a whole despite the separate parts being terrible. What helps this one the most is an extremely likable cast that act like superheroes for nearly two hours. If you are in this movie and you have a remotely selfish thought, you won't make it out alive. This movie's big on karma. Which I guess it should be since it's a movie designed to appeal to the masses who don't want something thought-provoking, just some solid entertainment to take their mind off their crappy lives for awhile. On that front, the movie works very well. It's a nice diversion that gives you beautiful people, lots of action, and very good CGI. Popcorn movie fun and nothing wrong with that. Shut your brain off and enjoy.