• At first it's not clear if this is an actual old movie which was just discovered or simply a parody. The way the wooden acting and ancient filter are used really emit the 80s slasher vibe, it's decent with the intentionally awful setting. However, while the spoof aspect or gore can be briefly comical, one can't really overlook the strikingly low production level.

    Story is rather insipid and utterly straightforward. A killer dressed in bad Lincoln costume runs around killing candidates of school council election. The villain struts from victim to victim without care, and even when the rumor begins to spread the high school, or entire city population for this matter, doesn't seem to have any mean of defensive measure.

    There's not much logic to be had here, even by the standard of slasher flick, so brace yourself for a lot of plot holes. Acting is not much better, it's almost like the director asked everyone to be as rigid or over-the-top as possible. If one is positive, this is an imitation of retro horror, although it's by no means a pass for the absurd acting for entire length of movie, some even look like bloopers.

    Sound and visual can get choppy too since both aspect feel incredibly old. Many horror films try to reinvigorate the genre, but this movie simply regressed in hope that the nostalgia feel will kick in. Thankfully, if audience is coming for gore, it offers myriad of brutal executions and complete disregard of its characters' safety. Few of these are pretty good and the rest can be outlandishly silly.

    The attempt for retro throwback might please the fans for a bit, although after the nostalgia or parody effect runs out, President's Day is nothing more than random mediocre gorefest.