• This is undeniably one of the best GTA games of all time. I have the complete edition, which includes episodes from Liberty City and I recommend you get that copy for the full experience. The game is set loosely in New York City. You play as a Russian immigrant named Niko Bellic who comes to America with dreams of hope.

    There is a lot of driving and shoot-outs but that's what you expect from this kind of game. The controls are smooth and the cover system is flawless. You'll easily get distracted with other stuff, such as visiting famous landmarks, going to strip clubs, pulling off dangerous car stunts, and so much more. This open world setting is innovative and Rockstar keeps improving upon every game they subsequently make.

    Such an incredible game that is nearly perfect. They've also updated the wanted system and you now use a cell phone for missions. This is a great game that's worth your time!