• The San Andreas Fault is 100 years overdue to get angry, but all that changes as the biggest earthquake (of course it is!) rips up. Ray (Dwayne Johnson) is a rescue Pilot, with family issues, his wife Emma has left him for Daniel Riddick. Daniel is in San Francisco with Ray's daughter Blake, when the Earthquakes start cranking up.

    So the start sets the tone, a woman in a Jeep hurtles off several rock faces and is OK. I'm surprised she wasn't lifting out clutching a Prada handbag and a bichon frise. All sense of reality has now gone.

    The CGI, special effects are utterly breathtaking, a step up from Day after tomorrow, 2012 etc, they are literally jaw dropping. The Hoover Dam destruction is awesome, that cost a few $£'s to produce. The filming and camera-work throughout are brilliant.

    The acting for the most part is pretty good, with this time of action movie you're not going to get Shakespeare. Great to see the stunning Archie Panjabi appear (Journalist.) Alexandra Daddario is really good (it's those eyes.)

    Some elements that you'd expect, Ray being able to pinpoint Emma in San Francisco, very likely? The Blake story also makes The Day after tomorrow's family meet up seem realistic. Every cliché imaginable is on show, there are too many to even begin, once again partner's new love turns out to be no good (when are they ever?) Almost every scene is contrived, whatever they need appears, cars, planes, phones.

    If disaster strikes I want more then Dwayne Johnson, Kylie and a guy with his laptop telling me to drop, cover and hold on.

    In some ways it's shocking, but it's too much fun to hate, incredibly repetitive, but very watchable in spite of it's huge flaws. 6/10