• Warning: Spoilers
    Initially Claudette Colbert went from strength to strength with Paramount but after "Secrets of a Secretary" she fell into a rut where only her vibrant personality saved her. And it took everything she had to make "Misleading Lady" half decent. Here she plays Helen, a frivolous socialite, this time yearning to be an actress - she is bored, bored, bored with her "do nothing" life and decides to put all her energies into her secret passion, which is becoming an actress of course!! She wants to play the lead which is a woman of the world but the director who she has cornered at a country retreat feels she is too naïve and nice for the role. She makes a bet with him that if she can make woman hating explorer Jack Craigan (Edmund Lowe) fall in love with her before the weekend is over the part will be hers. It sounds completely idiotic but of course Claudette has you eating out of her hand!!

    Things go along smoothly until a drunken guest finds a recording she had made of Jack's ardent romantic declaration. She is mortified but Jack does the only thing possible - he steals a helicopter (Helen's dominant fiancée has just arrived in it) and kidnaps her to his remote cabin where he can teach her a lesson!!

    In this early version of a screwball comedy, odd people have a habit of turning up at the cabin uninvited!! There's Stuart Erwin, hilarious as a local crazy who is convinced he's Napoleon (there's a running gag - "Are you crazy" - "Aww, who told you"?), then there are the hospital keepers (Will Greer, Grandpa from "The Waltons" is one), William Gargan as a reporter on the look out for a big scoop and last but not least George Meeker as the less than impressed fiancée on the lookout for his helicopter.

    This film proved Claudette could sparkle under any conditions and with the best of them - and she soon would be one of the best!!