• This is a rarity--a sequel that doesn't suck! This takes place a few years after "Scream". Sidney (Neve Campbell) is in college still recovering from virtually all her friends being killed years before. Then a movie called "Stab" opens that is a fictional account of what happened. Then the murders start happening again centered around Sidney. GREAT sequel with a wonderful script, mostly great acting and plenty of action. The body count has been upped, the killings are more brutal and bloody and this film is very scary. There is humor of course but it takes a back seat to horror. Well-directed by Wes Craven too.

    There's only two problems. One is David Arquette. He's TERRIBLE in his role. He appears drugged out. The second is the killer seems to magically teleport himself to where his victims are. This happens at least three times in the course of the film! Still, if you're a horror film like me, you learn how to totally suspend your disbelief and go with it. A fast, funny and bloody sequel. Avoid "Scream 3" at all costs.