• ...and let's not forget her hot pink party outfit.

    Most reviewers write this German CGI production off as toddler fodder. I disagree!

    The movie gives nods to traditional fairytale characters (the dragon for instance seems strongly influenced by Disney's Reluctant Dragon), however Boris Aljinovic + Harald Siepermann managed to keep their satirical story and gags original. The animation quality of SHREK and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON may be a notch better (they probably had bigger budgets too), but I appreciated THE SEVENTH DWARF's design, style and colorful sets just the same.

    And the music, well, those dreadful obligatory animation they at least get accompanied by some jolly shoe shuffling and tap dancing.

    All in all I find The Seventh Dwarf good fun & great eye candy for any age. Yes, 60+ adults too.