• Warning: Spoilers
    . . . the current film STEVE JOBS makes crystal clear. STEVE JOBS is a wonderfully cast and acted movie, with witty writing, sharp editing, and great cinematography (particularly the close-up of Jobs' face as Andy lingers in the blurry background about 1:29:30 into this story). The plotting and editing of STEVE JOBS cuts to the chase incisively, boiling down the 14-year period from 1984 (and Apple's prophetic "MacIntosh" Super Bowl ad, forecasting how billions of iJobs ditto heads world-wide would morph into the Nazi sheep in the seats and NOT the sledge hammer-throwing chick!) to three key days, with a sprinkling of flashbacks and a generous use of composite characters. Coupled with THE SOCIAL NETWORK's documenting the Life and Crimes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, JOBS shows that you do NOT need the fake villains of WALL STREET's Gordon "Greed is Good" Gecko or GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS' Kevin Spacey to prove that most if not all of America's One Per Cent mogul class are in league with the Devil. While flicks such as STEVE JOBS and SOCIAL NETWORK may feature "feel good" endings to put butts into theater seats, one cannot ignore the human carnage projected on-screen wreaked by the Zuckerbergs, Jobs, and Trumps plaguing today's America. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen) tells Jobs "It's not binary--you can be decent and talented at the same time." Though that's probably True, what actually IS binary is that you CANNOT be both decent AND an American mogul. Some guys decide to become serial killers. Others kill the dreams of hundreds or thousands of 99-Per-Centers to become fabulously wealthy One Per Center fat cats such as Jobs, Zuckerberg, or Trump.