• They showed this on TV in the UK for Halloween. I was intrigued; after all, The Asylum are a studio best known for their rip-offs and their cheesy monster and disaster movies, so what would a straight haunted house film look like from the studio?

    The answer is, not a lot. THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE is as clichéd and predictable as you could imagine, and there's no other storyline than a group of amateur ghost hunters break into a haunted house and spend the night there. Inevitably the house has an evil history and the group are spooked by a sinister ghost, but this so so poorly conceived and poorly achieved that it's a difficult one to watch.

    Venezuelan writer/director Jose Prendes seems to be a fan of the B-movie horror genre and yet you'd think he could create something a little more original, and less trite, than this outing. The acting is poor, the gore effects are plastered in in a bid to make something stick, and the only character I really liked was the British ghost hunter, played with relish by Howard McNair.