• A talented pornographer (see his many story features released by Girlfriends FIlms as part of its outreach beyond lesbianism to boy/girl content) B. Skow stumbles with another of his "limbo" projects dangling somewhere between Gonzo Crap and acceptable story porn. The potential for "American Nannies" to succeed was bungled.

    Idea behind this tiresome exercise is interesting: why not take advantage of the wealth of male talent in the U.S. porn industry hailing from Europe to create something a little bit out of the ordinary? Gonzo porn is a commodity - with millions of lookalike videos (or streaming content) available something is needed to rise above the random junk.

    So, lacking Manuel Ferrara, the preeminent superstar from Europe (post-Rocco), Skow posits four busy and talented 2nd rank Euro imports as daddies with young, nubile American girls of college age working for them in Spain or Germany (but cheaply shot in shouting distance from Chatsworth, CA) and susceptible to seduction.

    Traditionally this was a hot topic for soft-core porn in the opposite direction -c.f., Val Guest's classic "Au Pair Girls" about Euro femmes working in Britain. Where Skow missteps badly is turning his concept into just another 1-day wonder: we don't get the travelogue majesty of local color by traveling to Europe but rather stock footage of some airplane or airport as set-up, story establishing dialog literally phoned in by the young girls on their cell phones chatting with BFFs back home, and perfunctory seductions leading up to each of four requisite 30-minute-plus wall-to-wall humping sessions.

    So the result asks the porn fan that simple and increasingly redundant question: do the females hired for this porn video seem hot enough to arouse a successful bout of masturbation? No more, no less, since Skow has failed to present anything at all interesting apart from the sexual content. His often skillful tease or comedy is absent.

    Of the girls, Alexis Adams is quite alluring, and considerably hotter in her recent gonzo release "Busty Workout". The others are acceptable and the guys, who I've probably watched randomly in three or four hundred videos over the years, do their thing with little interest. It's a paycheck for all concerned, including Skow.