• I got told about this short so eagerly looked it up; one of my mates is a massive Dragonball fan and couldn't rate this highly enough.

    Having enjoyed the cartoons 15 years ago (but no way in Hell the Hollywood film!), I already knew the characters and story, though it's been altered slightly with Cell replacing the Androids.

    What plagued the cartoons were the annoying monologues and thoughts constantly being spoken out loud, and where this short spared us of them, the boring voice-over replacement was a bit of a facepalm.

    The fights were okay but seriously nothing special, and the ki blasts weren't very well imagined. I can understand that money was most likely a factor, but the scope and level of destruction that would be expected from two god-like figures battling it out just didn't come across. The actor playing Trunks - a man who'd spent his entire life studying advanced martial arts - really didn't have the physique for it either, which made his role a bit hard to believe.

    Well, like I said: if you're already a massive Dragonball fan, you may well love this, but then, you may not, because where the effort's appreciated, this really isn't that great. If you know nothing about Dragonball, then this short will only confuse you and probably isn't even worth looking at.