• Warning: Spoilers
    The short film "The Fall of Men" was only released a couple weeks ago, but already managed to get millions of clicks on Youtube despite being so new. It is a French production (don't worry though, language is English) written and directed by Yohan Faure and his very first film. It's a fan project that runs for slightly under 30 minutes and takes place in the Dragonball Z universe. However, this is not an animated movie, but a live action version with many "real" actors, not just voice performers. I am not the biggest DBZ fan, which is probably also why I did not enjoy this one too much. So the problem here for me is the base material and not necessarily Faure's work here. This means that if you like DBZ, there's a chance you will enjoy it. I remembered some of the sequences from the animated film from the special effects they show us here. All in all, a solid rookie effort by the director and I'm fairly certain we will see more from him in the future.