• When a group of school-girls take a trip out to a supposed-cursed mansion to take care of its inhabitants, they find the place indeed haunted by a murderous spirit of one of their family members and try to break the curse before they all fall victim to the shenanigans.

    This was an absolutely crazy Japanese Haunted House comedy that manages to be wildly original and wholly entertaining. What really makes this one so much fun is once it actually gets to the house in question and things start happening, as the film becomes all that much better due to a very chaotic, kinetic energy that allows for it to remain both wildly funny as well as deliver some crazy horror imagery. It holds up as well as the gags, bouncing around from one extreme sight-gag to another without much deference for a plot, makes you laugh yet still manages to maintain a horror undertone within so many scenes of the mice flying out of the cupboards, the wooden planks coming to life or the visually-haunting scene of the two playing the piano to be rather horrific in nature yet still have quite a few laughs packed into them. As well, the balance between the comedic and the horror here is strong enough that scenes like the attack by the floating head out by the water-well, the absolutely crazy piano antics where it comes to life and first bites off her fingers then actively swallows her whole inside it in a rather bizarre, crazy sequence and the rather crazy sequence of the mattress flying off the shelves and burying the victim underneath, only to then completely disappear in a rather sizable pile of feathers and insulation as a life-like doll later on. This crazy fun is only topped by the sheer madness of the finale, as nothing about it makes any sense other than to completely become filled with the most bizarre, outrageous visual gags possible with demonic cat transformations, supernatural kung-fu battles with possessed furniture, an endless torrent of blood-filled water and the strikingly haunting ghost girl running around which is only a small part of the craziness here within this section of the film, and earns this one so much positive that there's more than enough here to hold this out over the minor flaws here. The problems here are all centered on the film's bookends, as neither part comes off too well. In the beginning half, the problem here is the lame comedy and dragging pace here for these give this a slow beginning which makes this one a challenge to get into being way too hit-or-miss to be the main focus of the film. The finale is even worse, which is way too much a fantasy-driven ploy here that's based around the big romance angle that's just quite confusing here touching on these themes that were never a part of the film until this section. Overall, this might be off-the-wall but it's definitely memorable and enjoyable.

    Rated Unrated/R: Violence, Language and Nudity.