• Not sure why there's so much hate for the loiter squad, but after seeing it I felt obligated to leave a review and clear the air. The people that hate this show and deduce it as simple mindlessness I can only assume are either no where near their target audience or are such comedy snobs that they saw 1 episode and stopped. This show provides us with a good amount of funny social satire that revolves around popular TV and black culture, and it has a fun, engaging all black cast. There's a fun do-it-yourself charm to this show that almost makes it feel like these guys are your friends putting videos out on youtube. It mixes together sketches, stunts, reality segments, animation, and concert footage constantly keeping you on your toes. The snobs that dislike this show may not want to hear this but the loiter squad is honestly the closest thing our generation has to Monty Python's Flying Circus with its absurd sketch comedy, cold openings to start the show, and their way of ending sketches in the middle of them most the time with animations is eerily reminiscent of Flying Circus. This is a great show worth the watch.