• Warning: Spoilers
    So, the titled film that starts this trilogy deserves ten out of ten. Traci has a bad date with her boyfriend and just wants to go home early instead of making out. When she arrives, who does she see doing it in the living room but her own mom(Cindee Summers) sucking dad off. Should she or shouldn't she try the same thing, too? You guess the end in one of the hottest scenes of her career. Next, Peter North is a starving painter who finds his buyer(Stevie Taylor) is hot in bed, now she's eager to put the paintings on exhibit and pay his rent. Last, Heather Wayne has a hot visit with some guy in his pool so she doesn't need to knock to enter his pad. Of course the two other stories seem like fillers compared to the excitement from Cindee Summers and Traci Lords in the first episode. Fans will like this best because it is probably one of Traci's first movies.