• The love charger is back, and he is more powerful than ever before. He fights ghosts, tuskers gone amok, and in between he also has time to battle social evils, in no particular order. The second part of MSG- The Messenger is now running in cinema halls, and here's a warning in public interest: You'll be blown away by the supernatural powers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan.

    Babaji, as the spiritual guru is called by his followers, makes his grand entry through rings of fire that lead him to two kids trapped in a burning house. After dangling for a few seconds mid-air, he saves the bewildered children who probably didn't know about the existence of CGI. During this scene, stones are crushed, rears are kicked and elephants are tossed in the air. Babaji leads to a change of heart in indigenous people when he lifts a badly animated elephant on his palm.

    Later, we see them dancing in Bollywood style, but Guruji stops them as he wants them to bathe first. So much in the name of civilization!However, the battle is not even half won yet as there are 16 clans of indigenous people living in the same area and their head Ajgar is a tough nut. By this time, we have witnessed two songs in Guruji's own voice, and the 60-something lady sitting beside me has danced twice. She doesn't have any qualms in doing so, why? Because everybody else is dancing inside the hall.

    Followers are chanting,the slogan of Dera Sacha Sauda, (IMDb shows mistakes for slogan, i m not able to tell you) a sect headed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. Meanwhile, some corrupt politicians, valorous army men and common social workers have got involved in the struggle to eliminate the barbaric 'adivasis' from the face of the earth. But, none of them is going to succeed because of one man's noble intention. By the way, that man is also the singer, editor, composer, writer and everything else of the film.