• 10 December 2015
    That's right. This show is so fantastic there are no words which make it justice!

    Right from the very first episode, there is a LOT going on, and many reasons why the next episode is worth watching. Conflicts are introduced which are built upon in the next episode, and new conflicts then arise in THAT episode. Sometimes as a result of the PREVIOUS conflicts. That's how complex this show is, the heat is in the air the whole time.

    The writing is AMAZING. You never can be certain of what will happen next and the dialogue ranges from witty or darkly hilarious to intense or very heartbreaking. A lot of episodes among all the violence and scumbags contain interesting messages about life. Every episode has a theme; it could be revenge, sex, love, drugs... These are presented with the narration by this show's moral centerpiece Augustus Hill. And still, he's not perfect himself. All of the characters have their own flaws which this series present excellently.

    The characters are MANY, but somehow this show manages to make almost every one of them fascinating in some way. Even those who appear in only one single episode can make you attached to the screen and anticipated over what will happen with him next (it's USUALLY a him, it's a prison full of males after all). Just when you think you know how someone is like, that character can go through things which radically alter their behavior. Even the most innocent of people can suddenly flip. Among my favorites are Tobias Beecher (the closest thing to a main character), Vern Schillinger, Tim McManus, Kareem Said, Father Ray Mukada, Simon Adebisi, Omar White... There are just too damn many, man! There are all sorts of people to get invested by, and the writers respect character development to such a point that you rarely feel like someone is one-dimensional.

    Taboo subjects are touched upon, such as racism, homophobia, rape, drug abuse among other things. You will find at least 10 people here who either holds these opinions or has done any of the latter stuff. Despite what is said to be a maximum security level, Oz is a rat maze! You have to look around the corner, be suspicious about everyone. Somebody could act like your best friend just to later brutally execute you. Sure it occasionally gets unrealistic and even a bit convoluted (Aging pills? An unconscious body which disappears without explanation?) but it's easy to overlook since there's always something to keep my eyes on. It never gets so distracting that I become angry and turn it off. Oh no, boy. My eyes are glued to the screen even more than Charlie Sheen is addicted to sex.

    Everything is mesmerizing. Hell, it even has one of the best theme songs of all time! The cinematography as well, it's shockingly impressive! I especially have to praise Alex Zakrzewski, who is the most frequent director of photography. Give the man an award already!

    To say this show is a must-see would be an understatement. If you've never seen Oz, you haven't completed your life. Breathtaking television.