• Warning: Spoilers
    The prime series from 1960's lore along with The Adams Family both arrived at the same time. What is amazing is that as CBS and ABC battled for ratings, this one turned out so well. There are times where Gomez Adams (John Austin) is too pretentious. Herman Munster (Fred Gwynn) is just the right kind of oblivious.

    Fred is so much more lovable because of his experience on Car 54 Where Are You? as the straight man for one Gunther Tooty (Joe E. Ross). Fred brought fans from that show over here and showed he could dead pan humor even better than he did at times with Ross.

    Yvonne De Carlo was an amazing talent doing everything from blockbuster Hollywood films to this. Even though she is in her 40's on this series she is still quite a dish and her interactions with Fred are a lot of fun. I can still hear her saying "Now Herman.."

    Al Lewis is the ultimate Grandpa. Actually a year younger than Yvonne De Carlo and 3 years older than Fred, it is easy to buy him as being much older than the others. That is because he is a great actor. Long after this show he would run for Governor of New York State. He was a seriously popular candidate. Here he is a lot of fun.

    Butch Patrick and Pat Priest/Beverley Owen were the kids, and got a lot of experience from working with these veteran actors in the cast. The guest stars read like a who's who of TV actors from the 1960's and 1940's and 1950's films.

    This series along with The Adams have become a couple of TV's cult classics. There is no wonder why, they were the first ones to come along and exploit the horror comedy genre on TV. They bridged the monster movies of the 1930's to 1960's and then kept the genre alive for a movie revival after they went off.