• The story of Buffalo 66 is one of a man who is released from prison and the plot of the movie stems from the fact that he lied to his parents about this and created a fiction of his life where he has a wife and is a successful business man. The thing I appreciated the most about this movie was the effort behind it. This is a movie where you can tell that thought actually went into it, as well as passion. There is an endeavor to create something original and artful and for that I commend the writer/director/main actor, Vincent Gallo. Christina Ricci also gives a swell performance, even though she does not have a great deal of dialogue. Our main character is an angry loner, which is something that I took immense pleasure in watching because I could relate to him wholly. I enjoyed that when I watched this movie I never felt as if I was wasting my time, which is the worst feeling for me when I watch something that's not good. 7/10 because it was not extraordinary but it was good.