• Dragons Forever brings together three Hong Kong martial arts superstars, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, the last also acting as the director of the film. The plot revolves around Chan's character, Jackie Lung, a slimy lawyer and a horndog, who has been hired to represent a factory that has been sued because its waste spillage is ruining a local fishery. He decides to do this by hiring the help of couple of his criminal friends (Biao and Hung), and also by seducing the environmental scientist aiding the fishery (Pauline Yeung).

    As you can see, not exactly a typical movie for any of these actors, mainly because their characters are more than a touch shady. Their nefarious deeds are played mostly for laughs, but it still means that there will be more than a few viewers who will have their expectations ruined because they're not used to seeing Jackie Chan and the others playing antiheroes, if not outright villains. Personally I found their roles refreshing, although I have to admit that their mannerisms and routines are more suited for heroic roles. In this film you don't really buy their acting.

    The other big problem is that the plot is rather dull. It's mainly there to allow for humorous situations and fight scenes, both of which are very good, though all three of them have done better in other films, but the story itself wanders around aimlessly and is not all that interesting.

    All in all I'd say that this film was a slight disappointment. I applaud them for originality and going against the norm, but I must admit that I'd have rather seen them in a more traditional martial arts film.