• If you enjoy disaster movies and found enjoyment in "Backdraft" then you should most definitely sit down and watch the South Korean movie "The Tower" (aka "Ta-weo"), because it far outshines "Backdraft".

    The story is about a disaster striking at a celebration in twin skyscrapers in South Korea. A group of people are trapped in the burning skyscraper and time is running out as the fire spreads like an ever-consuming hunger and the structure of the building is starting to give way. Firefighters struggle against impossible odds to save those trapped in the towering inferno.

    I will say that there are many similarities to the tragic events of 9-11, and as such, I don't doubt that not everyone will find enjoyment in "The Tower", or might actually find it distasteful. I, however, saw it as entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. It is only a movie after all.

    The CGI effects in "The Tower" were phenomenal and came off as quite realistic and believable. And that would be a deal breaker had the CGI been bad. A movie such as "The Tower" is heavily reliant on CGI effects for obvious reasons.

    There was a good flow to the storyline and director Kim Ji-Hoon managed to put together a captivating story and movie.

    The acting was good from everyone on the cast list, which really did help add to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

    "The Tower" is well-worth watching, even if you don't particularly like Asian cinema.