• Warning: Spoilers
    DANCING KUNG FU (which I saw under the title THE CAVALIER) begins with 18 (or 16) year old Ping Er and her grandfather husband-hunting (for Er, not 'im...). "If you can beat her, you can have her," Grandpa offers to a crowd of onlookers. Would-be suitors fall, one by one, including a PAIR of guys who "do everything together" and a midget. When Kang inadvertently defeats Er, he and his traveling companion find themselves on the run from Er and her grandfather AND a variety of Ching assassins. Er and Grandad turn up EVERYWHERE Kang and his buddy run to- no matter how far or how fast they run. Says Grandad: "He goes to Heaven, I'll haul him down..." THE CAVALIER is funnier than most such alleged comedies, in addition to being well crafted. Lo Lieh turns up near the end as a white-haired villain who bites off a man's fingers and then spits them back at him with force enough to kill them man (the severed fingers stabbing him in the throat like daggers).