• Warning: Spoilers
    This film is just absolute garbage. While the technical side of the film is well done, the camera work, the lighting, etc. The story and the performances of the actors is just laughable.

    The film centers around a family that has problems, which mostly come in the form of a dad character who is a little too into his work. The mom and the daughter seem to play victim to this. From there the mother meets a wise older lady that teaches her how to pray and the movie goes pretty much as you would predict from there with one minor exception that I think makes the story worse.

    (SPOILER STARTS HERE) - The Father gets caught skimming from work and is fired. That sends him down a spiral and he learns to accept Jesus and prayer into his life and what not. That bothers me because the only reason his character is repentant is because he got caught. Had he not gotten caught but rather came to see the error of his ways on his own that would have made for a much better story. EVERYONE is sorry after they get caught.

    Poor acting, worse pacing, and a predictable story make this a movie to miss for sure.