• Warning: Spoilers
    Taking a look at a Shout Factory boxset that a family friend had picked up,I was happy to spot a title with Claudia Jennings,which led to me getting set to put on his skates and catch a glimpse of Jennings for the first time.

    The plot:

    Leaving her job behind, Karen Walker goes to join a roller-derby team.Displaying a dazzling charisma from her debut match,the manager decides to make Walker the star player.Due to roller-derby being a pre-determined sport,Walker is told that she must talk to her fellow teammates and the rival players about all the moves that she has planned.Enjoying the attention that she is getting from the fans,Walker begins improvising moves and attacks on the track,which leads to the team starting to roll away from Walker.

    View on the film:

    Rolling across the screen,the gorgeous Claudia Jennings gives a very good performance as Walker,who Jennings crosses a mix of sexy frolics (which gives her the chance to appear naked)with a joyfully rebellious streak,as a wide smile is cast across Jennings face every time she ignores her teammates wishes.Offering Martin Scorsese an early credit as a supervising editor,co-writer/(along with Howard R. Cohen) director Vernon Zimmerman & cinematographer Michael Shea push the viewer into the middle of the matches,as first person tracking shots allow the viewer to feel every roll and shove on the track,as Walker reveals herself to be an unholy roller.