• "Award-winning" director Mason sets up a dichotomy in this first edition of "Hot Bodies": showing us lovely women scantily clad (but with incongruous leg warmers) vigorously working out and sweating in the hot sun; then heading inside to hump some overworked porno studs. I enjoyed the fetishistic outdoor action, photographed with butt-centric camera (you can see every fine wet hair on the posterior) worthy of Jules Jordan or John Stagliano, but the lengthy XXX sex indoors put me to sleep.

    Mason is a female director, highly considered in the industry but a non-starter for me. Her inane questions and comments in the BTS bonus feature on the DVD firmly establish her in the hack camp of current pornographers who are predominately boys, blissfully happy to grind out repetitive porn till they drop.

    Current flavor of the month Abella Danger displays her XXX bona fides, but remains an enigma to me concerning her popularity. On the other hand, Kendra Lust is amazing as always, a testament to the fact that despite current trends there remains an audience for quality pulchritude -I've never been disappointed with a Kendra performance and all that's missing here is storyline and characterization (duh!). I give her a pass, seeing that gonzo is what pays the bills these days.

    Mason puts an emphasis on rough sex, with most of the girls frequently gagging and certainly earning their keep in terms of strenuous sex. It's not erotic or sensual at all, catering to a violent streak that seems to have won out among younger porn enthusiasts. I suspect the glamor of porno chic would be scoffed at by today's audience.