• I have really loved the new Channel 4 sitcom Crashing, after 5 episodes of its first series. The show features a number of different characters, all with more depth and development than your average comedy show. The writing is very sharp and often hilarious, there is brilliant chemistry between the mostly young cast-members (with some added gravitas courtesy of Adrian Scarborough), and the action whistles along. Each of the characters has a believable, absorbing plot arc and every episode culminates in a riotous climax.

    My advice is to stick with the show past the first episode, which maybe isn't as straightforwardly hilarious or enjoyable as the rest of the series as there's a fair amount of character introduction and scene-setting. Overall, this is a remarkably accomplished comedy from a hugely exciting first-time sitcom writer. if you're prepared for the odd crude gag and some glorious silliness - you will not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to the second series already!