• A woman, Sarah Manning, spots her doppelganger on a station platform. The double then commits suicide by jumping in front of a train. Sensing an opportunity, Manning takes on the deceased woman's identity. However, she soon discovers that the doppelganger is not just a once-off and the more she investigates this strange occurrence, the more dangerous it gets...

    The series covers a very interesting subject - human cloning - and started out very intriguingly. However, you often feel that the series is padded with unnecessary sub-plots to draw out the suspense. (There are, however, entertaining sub-plots too - anything involving Alison was always good for a laugh).

    The main plot itself feels quite random at times too. In the end you feel you have to endure the padding and the random detours in order to make some progress.

    Season 2 initially seemed like an improvement: tighter, more focused plot, and more intriguing. However, after a while it degenerates into randomness too. More importantly, Season 2 seemed to revel in introducing new characters for the sake of new characters, and this gets quite tiresome quite quickly.

    On the plus side, the performance of Tatiana Maslany, as Manning and at least eight other characters, is excellent. As each clone has a different personality, mannerisms and sometimes even accent, she has to inhabit 7+ characters, many of them at the same time. She does this extremely well. Her portrayal of Alison is particularly good, and funny.

    However, after a point the producers of the series start to introduce new characters for her, just for the sake of new characters and to go "Look how versatile she is!". This is irritating and smacks of a lack of original ideas.

    The supporting cast are a bit hit-and-miss. Jordan Gavaris is very good as Felix, as is Kevin Hanchard as Art Bell. On the flipside, Michael Mando is atrocious as Vic. The character was loathsome enough, Mando then made him irritating with a very hammy, unconvincing performance.

    I made it to Episode 8 of Season 2 before giving up.