• MUFON is squandering it's credibility with this less than satisfying series, Hangar 1, which revisits MUFON cases.

    MUFON is a beacon of reason in a sea of anarchy as it seeks to bring a level of science and expertise into the research of cases it deems extraordinary and compelling. Within these selected cases, out of literally tens of thousands, it would seem there should be some real jewels. And there are some very credible cases of high-strangeness witnessed by solid folks involving sightings of UFOs. So why does Hangar 1 fall flat, even to the point of reducing MUFON to a level of "nothing here to see, move along"? It's in the overly dramatic highly artificially staged reproductions that only uses MUFON's stock talking heads to anchor. Many of these cases are recent enough that the folks who experienced these cases should be the ones augmenting the re-enactments. This would add something more interesting that the talking heads standard "wow" comments ad-infinitum. There are some cases that beg photographic evidence as were told physical evidence was noted. Few, if any, episodes have any physical evidence rolled out though. Why? The people aren't in hiding since they are the ones who began the case process by contacting MUFON so it follows they show should seek the actual witnesses...which this show does not. Many cases are left without all of the story too making one wanting something more.

    The idea of raiding MUFON for the best cases is a good one. Many of the cases are quite good. It's the re-telling and re-enactments of the cases that falls flat. No actual witnesses, no actual pictures when there is claimed actual physical evidence, and the absolutely wasting of valuable story time re-capping what we already have watched (this is the post commercial break formula History is, apparently, making all of their producers adhering to which makes the 20+ minutes of commercials even more insulting). This series needs a serious re-boot! I think MUFON has some great cases and the current formula just doesn't serve the cases well at all. I'm not saying the show needs to be canned, nope, just totally re-envisioned and done in a much more evidence based method just as MUFON purports to implement in the actual investigations they conduct.