• I think the creators of this show need to get a better understanding of the word "elite." The five white kids they chose to be an elite force of defenders doesn't come even close to what you might have expected.

    The five white kids are in a penthouse playing with their abilities. You have one boy who thinks everything is boring, another teen boy who is a nice kid, but inept. Another white boy is yells a lot. There are two pretty white girls that complain about the boys. And a leader who's ridiculously in love with himself.

    That's the show so far.

    What made Lab Rats unique was the white scientist married to a black news reporter. Their black kid engaged the white bionic neophytes. There were many avenues for entertainment. The show also better represented the face of America.

    Mighty Med also had a mixture of people in a unique situation.

    They took two clever shows and created a whites only sitcom with little entertainment.

    This elite mess needs mighty medicine.