• Warning: Spoilers
    In my opinion, this show is better than Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The characters look more mature. Skylar doesn't wear a Pink costume what eight-year-olds wear during Halloween would anymore, Chase and Bree's style is more mature and Kaz is less childish, but still funny. The show isn't boring at all, there's action, not too much, but just perfectly fine. There a good lessons about team work, friendships and appreciating each other. The friendship between the characters is great, it's good to see them bonding and finding a way to get along when their personality/way of doing things is different. The opening titles look amazing! It's slightly disappointing that the music is almost the same as the music from the Lab Rats opening titles, but the opening titles are just so amazing, the song doesn't matter much anymore. Bradley Steven Perry and William Brent share the first screen, which is really awesome, otherwise there maybe would be a conflict between fans of Mighty Med and Lab Rats about who should be the main character.

    I highly recommend watching this show!