• 13 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film defies the definition of disaster movies. Irwin Allen, move over.

    One thing that all disaster movies seem to have in common is that it always must bring in the inter personal relations of people or families. This film is no exception.

    Before the quakes hit, a woman is in the process of divorcing her husband and getting ready to move in with another. They lost one daughter in a rafting accident. The daughter accompanies the guy to San Francisco and when the quake hits, she is trapped in a car and he flees the scene. This was cowardice at its worst.

    Naturally, the woman and the soon to be ex-husband get together to rescue the daughter. They bond. Notice how in films that it always take a disaster to bring people together.

    Paul Giamatti is as much of a geologist as the man on the moon. Nice seeing Archie Panjabi, after her stint on "The Good Wife," as Kalinda Sharma, in this film as a reporter. At least the film allows her to use her British accent.

    Only in the movies could the couple miraculously find their daughter in the rubble because they knew she was smart enough to seek high ground.