• 18 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    As season one of this French political drama opens the president is visiting a factory; suddenly he is killed by a suicide bomber. It is initially assumed that he was an Islamic terrorist but it soon becomes apparent that he was just an unbalanced man acting alone… that narrative doesn't suit the Prime Minister though; he is determined to become the next president and sees demonstrating his toughness against the terrorists who killed the president will help him win even if they don't actually exist. This brings Simon Kapita, friend and spin doctor to the late president, back to Paris to lead the campaign of one of the Prime Minister's main rivals. It won't be easy though; the PM's campaign is being led by Ludovic Desmeuze; Kapita's former protégé who is willing to play dirty to beat his former mentor.

    The second season once again features the rivalry between these two men; this time Kapita is working for the new president. Things aren't going well; the president's wife was involved in a fatal accident which has been covered up, one of his closest ministers has been caught up in a financial scandal, his health isn't good and if that wasn't enough a group of French citizens have been taken hostage in Algeria.

    This was an enjoyable look at the murky world of the men behind the scenes at the top of French politics. Bruno Wolkowitch does a fine job as Kapita and Grégory Fitoussi is effective as the slimy Desmeuze… a very different character to the one he played in 'Spiral'. The rest of the cast impress too making us believe in their characters' motives. Inevitably amid all the political goings on there are personal secrets to be protected as well as relationships that lead people to betray confidences. Overall this was a gripping and enjoyable political drama; I hope we don't have to wait too long for the third season.