• Warning: Spoilers
    "Mogadischu" is a German television film from almost 10 years ago that was directed by Roland Suso Richter and written by Maurice Philip Remy. I have seen some other work by Richter and there was some that did not impress me, but this almost 110-minute film here was a really decent watch. The reason may be that the story and the events of the hostage situation were just so interesting and perfect to make a (good) film about the entire affair. Thomas Kretschmann impressed me here too, I did not see him as a greatly talented actor really so far, but he won me over here. As the film is about real events during the days of left-wing terrorism, also be prepared for a couple really shocking moments that obviously had to be handled like that. They could not have turned this into some kind of feel-good movie.

    I was occasionally tempted to give this one a ****/***** even, but eventually there were 2 or 3 pretty weak moments that kept me from doing so. One would be Nadja Uhl's phone conversation in the cockpit. I am not sure if this one really took place like that back then, but to me it looks as if it was just included for dramatic purposes. And in any case it is truly cringeworthy melodramatic bait. Quite a shame as without these moments, this may have been one of the finest television works in German history. But nonetheless, it was a gritty, edge-of-seat watch for the most part and I very much recommend checking it out. It is not only interesting from the pure dramatic film lover perspective, but also an important chapter of (German) history. Very much recommended.