• Warning: Spoilers
    "300 Worte Deutsch" or "300 Words of German" is a German 96-minute movie that premiered back in 2013, but general audiences did not get to see it before last year. The film poster shows us Christoph Maria Herbst, bit the longer the film went, the less significant (and more supporting) his character became. As false as the entire film itself. The cast list is equally inaccurate as, for example, Nadja Uhl is also just a supporting character, but they used these actors to get people to watch the film because the Turkish and Iranian actors in here are all not very well known. And an actually talented actor like Kida Khodr Ramadan was clearly wasted. So what reason is there to watch this one? Not much. Turkish impact in German film has always been a dominant force and luckily for us this resulted in some very good films, by Faith Akin for example. But this movie here never makes a lasting impact. This is especially disappointing as with the immigrant crisis, this could have been a relevant film. Instead, it loses itself in unfunny comedy, nonsensical character relationships and pretty bad romance plots.

    There were also several extremely weak moments in detail. One example would be how the female main character gets offered a job immediately after succeeding in the German-language test. Another would be how her father does not care at all in a negative sense about her giving birth, which also came out of nowhere. People who have seen "Die Fremde" know what the appropriate reaction would have been. With Pegah Ferydoni, the picked a very attractive actress for the lead character, but not a very good one. Admittedly, you can't blame her too much, as nobody really could have made this sub-par script by writer and director Feo Aladag work. In then end of course, everything is fixed completely out of nowhere and everybody dances with everybody. The perfect example of an unrealistically forced happy ending. I may be biased here, but Herbst is clearly bait and he is still among the better aspects of the film, but sometimes, even for my taste as a great fan of the series, he channels his inner Stromberg a bit too much. This is not a good movie. The bad easily outweighs the good. Don't watch it.