• Controversial Subject Matter (abortion) is at the Heart of this also Controversial Film that had Director Blake Edwards threatening to Walk, but His Cooler side prevailed against pointed Threats by the Studio and He Finished the Film (then walked).

    Constant Studio Interference was the problem. Fearing "Something" with the Hot Topic in 1972 the Movie was Tweaked and turned Tepid (or so the Studio thought). It still has enough Impact to deliver its Message about "Back Alley Abortions" and is Not a Bad Mystery/Thriller helped by the No Nonsense Actor James Coburn playing a No Nonsense Character.

    Not Everything Works to perfection in the Picture. The required Love Interest has a Clunky and Dated feel and doesn't do anything to Enhance the Plot, in Fact it's a Drag. But otherwise there are some Good Characters and the Lines between Hero and Villain are Realistically Rendered.

    It's a Forgotten Film and Deserves a Retro Re-Consideration considering the Subject and the more than Competent Professionals at Work here. Above Average and Thick with Timeless and Topical Considerations.