• So what happened here? A decently sized budget, with a cast that have proved themselves various times before with a pretty decent soundtrack (although very copied from other soundtracks from other, better films) sounds like a formula for a 10/10 film right? Well that's not exactly it. For a few hours after my viewing I couldn't decide weather this film was articulate or terribly made, and I'm afraid to say it's just terribly made.

    Let's begin with the acting: No real complaints there, no one was exactly bad but no one shined at all, and I can't blame the actors because the script really lacked in ability to help them. The child actor was terrible. In a specific scene which I shall not spoil but I will say it's supposed to be very emotional, there was no expression in the kid's face whatsoever; at one point you could see tears from his cheeks but it was so obvious that they interrupted the scene just so they could add fake tears because he can't act. Another complaint about the acting is that there was little to no Meryl Streap... 0/1000000 for that I'm afraid.

    Now given the whole film and it's political message, I bared in mind just how that message would be portrayed; Would I be beat over the head with it, will it tell me to hate men, will it make stand at the corner of streets with signs telling me to vote women, or will it subtly cue me in, will it let me form my own opinion? No. It beat me more than the men in this film beat the woman. Every single time we are shown a male every aspect of the film begins screaming at us "Hate this man, hate him now or you are a horrible human specimen". We get this right from get go, with narration from equal rights protests and t... okay hang on... t... text... as if it weren't black and white enough already. Text at the beginning of a film that does nothing other than explain the world the film has set up for us, is a pet peeve of mine, because everything is later explained anyway, sometimes in great ways which let us to absorb the information rather than be spoon fed it.

    The character logic was also pretty horrendous. I get it, the director really wanted us to be angry at what we're being shown by having the women just walk away from a conflict even though there were literally so many things they could have said to end the argument, and if that's what they're going for then it could have been coordinated a little better, because instead of being annoyed at the conflict and message, I was annoyed at the script for its terrible understanding of human psychology.

    The cinematography also was hand-held... there you go, need I say more? Horrible fast cuts, not sure what's going on... and so on.

    The sound design also really bugged me. Our protagonists work environment is a loud steam... place... thing, you get the point, very loud, and yet characters would almost whisper things to each other and it was just as audible to us as any other dialogue scene in quieter settings?

    And last but not least, the film not only rushed the ending, but ended it so very awkwardly. (no spoilers, see it for yourself)

    Despite this film not being as pretentious as I first thought it might be, I can safely say that it is not worthy of any Oscar nomination that it received. Check it out for yourself and see how you feel, you may love it who knows.