• Brit porn has gone episodic like its Chatsworth counterparts, so "Cell Sisters" is vignettes compiled into a DVD with repeated credits and fairly uninteresting content. Saving grace, as usual, is the set of pretty and arousing local actresses. It's the thing to call them "models", but to me they are actresses, or actors if you are hip to the gender-neutral craze.

    Sloppy production has cast identified in the credits by their Prisoner numbers across the chest, and even with six digit ID numbers assigned, three of the actresses receive the same number.

    There's a mixture of new talent and old favorites like Franki (certainly getting long in the tooth and proud of it), Sam Bentley, Lexi Lowe and my fave Victoria Summers. Clichés of the genre dating back to the softcore '60s include lesbian sex with the newbie; group shower scene; strap-on dildo action; and a cat-fight with the gals rooting on the participants. All that's missing is what used to be mandatory, the undress and de-lousing humiliation opening nude scene.

    It was backed by Playboy TV's London subsidiary and part of The Adult Channel programming in Blighty. I order these numerous new releases as imports, as they have no sizable audience (at the moment) here in the former Colonies.