• I enjoy Sergio Martino movies, but Torso disappointed. It's not a strong contender in the Giallo sub genre, a painfully slow pace and generally weak plot failing to match the promise of the inspired title.

    Suzy Kendall returns the the sub genre, here playing an o/s student whose GFs begin turning up horribly mutilated prompting the surviving quartet to seek sanctuary in a sprawling castle atop a hill overlooking the besieged town. Predictably, they're not safe for long.

    John Richardson has a largely frivolous supporting role as the college professor, and whilst the majority of the female cast are attractive (and frequently disrobed), the acting in this film is lamentable. Kendall is a cut above (no pun intended) the performance standard of her peers and it shows when she's off-screen; second lead Aumont - though possessing a profile - doesn't have the chops to carry the film.

    Some mild chills at the climax, but overall it's a tame, clichéd resolution in which Kendall is virtually a bystander. The components are superficially present, but Martino's picture feels too derivative of a one-note slasher film lacking the depth, style and sophistication of quality Giallo.