• Sure, it's a silly movie. The whole idea of future gang societies taking control over territories via a video game is just drop dead funny just thinking about it. However! I have to say...I had a blast watching this movie. You have so much fun watching, that you don't even care. The acting, the dialogue, and the story is just so amazing for a low budget film, you overlook the logical side. Not to mention some quotable lines "What's a town without ducks?" Ha ha! You don't get much more lame then this, and still come out smelling like a million bucks! We've all heard of Dance Dance Revolution, unless you've been living under some hard rocks for the last twenty something years, right? Well, the gangs are playing Beat Beat Revolution, a deadly version of the game. How deadly? When the game claims the life of BTRO, the only hope of gaining Frazier Park from the 248's is through JTRO, who is not interested. KCDC encourages him that he is needed, so through some interesting Rocky 4 training, he learns how to be tougher then ever to go head to head with his competition. It's not going to be easy. Almost impossible, but JTRO has decided not to back down, and wants to claim back the FP once and for all. Can he do it? A little bit of the retro 80's with some retro 90's helped to stylize this comedy/thriller. Oh yeah! Look forward to a sequel in the making!