• Warning: Spoilers
    I don't understand why Hollywood can't make a reasonably well thought adaptation of an anime, but this short movie comes as a great idea ! I'm not sure it was right though to begin with Cell's arc. Just like for the X-men movies some people need a little background story about what is going on.

    It might be more relevant to began with a tournament with a young Goku ultimately fighting Piccolo. Then move on in a second installment with the arrival of Freeza being betrayed by Vegeta. And eventually, a third movie with Dr Gero and Cell.

    I imagine Cell more like an insect Alien-style and his final form terribly human-like ! The actor who plays Bulma's father is the only acceptable for me. The others are really not fit for the job.

    It would be nice to think of more combat choreography and less, way less fireballs and energy blasts.

    All in all it is a great idea !