• Warning: Spoilers
    Dear Henri Verneuil,

    if only more commercial crime thrillers were like The Sicilian Clan. The film is up to its neck in procedural thrills, claustrophobic action set pieces and some ingenious twists. The plot is quite complicated and the viewer needs to work hard to keep track of all the cons. There are even quite a few instances of misdirection. The luxurious visuals filled with an abundance of red and orange colors (in the form of costumes, blankets, hanging lights etc) sports cars and beautiful locales are a pleasure to look at. Morricone's score is just another one of the films adornments. The film has a huge star cast - Delon, Gabin and Ventura pitted against each other. Tall and beautiful women - Irina Demick, Sabine Sun and Danielle Volle are used as sex objects. It is amusing as well .... and there are many surprises in the end. The Sicilian Clan is the definition of guilty pleasure. Great job, Henri. I am going to watch Le Casse next.

    Best Regards, Pimpin.